Free consultation

How the process works

The first step is that we will have a conversation about your project. During this initial consultation you can tell me what you’re wanting to build, show me any ideas that you have, and answer a few questions. At this time, or shortly afterward, I will give you a fixed price for doing the project.


preliminary drawing of a corral

If you decided that my service is right for you, we can move forward. I’ll need a 50% down payment (the rest is due when we finish up)

I’ll need some information from you;
Google earth location is great. especially if you can put in the boundary of where we are designing.
Pictures, if you can get drone pictures, that’s perfect, but if not that’s alright. Just send lots of pictures from various angles of anything around where we are designing.
any sketches or ideas that you have. items that you are going to use like chutes, alleys, and buildings, are critical.

I’ll get started and make up a few options to move forward.

3d model

3D model of a corral

We start with the big ideas: how the cattle are moving into and out of the facility, what area are we working in and what can we change and what stays the same. I’ll take what we have talked about and the images I have and work up some ideas that we can look thru. We’ll have a skype meeting and loo brainstorm around these ideas. As we settle on some ideas that you like better, I’ll start making more and more detail, especially adding in gates and seeing how the cattle will flow thru the system.

The great thing is that we can spot many problems at this stage because we can actually go inside the corral and see how all the gates will swing and see what the cattle will see. Fixing a design, or even starting over is far cheaper than pulling posts or cutting steel!

Afer 2 or 3 meetings, we’ll have a 3D model of how we want it to look and we can move forward to the next step, a 2D construction docum

2d drawings

corrals 2D drawing.jpg

The next step is to make some construction documents that you can build with. I’ll take the 3D model that we worked on and turn it into some construction documents that will be easy to understand, accurate, and not to complex. The drawings are linked to the model, so if we want to make some changes, it will be an easy thing to do. At this stage, we can make changes like moving a fence over, changing a gate or alley size. The final drawings are color coded and have lots of annotations on them that are meant to be understood by ranchers, not only by engineers.

The final step is to make a bill of material. I will create a BOM for you that is of the level of detail that you want. Some folks are happy with just a simple list of gates, and some want a more detailed list of all materials that they will use. This is the last step on the project. After this is done, you can send me the last payment and the project is finished.

bill of material

But It’s not really finished. I’ll continue to answer any questions you have going forward. As long as its about this project, I’ll give support going forward till you get it built. If you need clarification or have a question about something, I’ll be glad to help. If you need to make major changes, we can talk about a price for doing a revision.